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7/22/22 Come Meet Me and Jamie Smith too!

I love door-knocking...

July 20th 2022
Special thanks to my canvassing buddy tonight, Carol Halter-Waider! Carol is one of the most passionate educators I know. She and I reminisced about our days together at Seton, discussed our shared passion for public education, and hopefully won a few voters in the process! Love you, Carol!

Tonight I met a Ghanaian PhD student who has traveled the world and said that without a doubt America is the best place to be.

Yesterday I visited a house that was built with wood salvaged from homes destroyed in the 1972 flood.

Last week I actually met one of America's newest citizens: a formerly Chilean woman who took the oath of citizenship at Mount Rushmore in early July. She was beaming, and was so excited to vote (as a Democrat!) in this November's election.

If you want to feel good about your community, come knock on doors with me!

If you aren't inclined to knock on doors, I'd still love to meet you to find out what matters. And tomorrow you have a great opportunity to meet both me and Jamie Smith, our Democratic candidate for governor. Jamie stands a fantastic chance of winning the governorship in November... Come meet him and find out why!

Event Details

What: South Dakota Democratic Party Candidate Meet and Greet

When: Friday, July 22, 5:30-7:30

Where: Robbinsdale Park

Who: Jamie Smith, Christine Stephenson, and YOU (and your friends and neighbors)

As always, I am in need of donations to fund this campaign. I'm managing this campaign by myself with the help of a few friends (no campaign salaries here!), but we need cash for yard signs, mailers, digital marketing, etc. It's sad to say, but money plays a huge part in politics. So if you can spare a few dollars to get a reasonable person elected, I'd appreciate it!

Click here to donate online, or send a check to:

Stephenson for South Dakotans

1521 Forest Drive

Rapid City, SD. 57701

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