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6/25/22 When the news of the world is overwhelming, I sure am glad to have this campaign to work on.

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

When the news of the world is overwhelming, I sure am glad to have this campaign to work on.

One thing that I learned from my school board campaign in 2017 is that Rapid City is full of amazing people. People who really care about the future of this town and state. People who devote so much of their time and efforts to making life better for others.

And this campaign has proven to be more of the same. I've spent the last few months meeting with people and learning about the challenges that face our community. They are working so hard, and they have so much to teach me. It makes me so happy that I threw my hat into the ring.

So ... Would you like to help? Here's what I need:

Door Knocking

I've been knocking on doors in my district, and this has been gratifying as well. It has confirmed my impression that Republicans are also tired of our state's leadership in Pierre, and they are willing to vote for a Democrat to help even things out.

Event planning

I have a couple of picnic dates picked out for August, and I'd like to set up a few more for September. Would you be willing to take the lead in hosting an event in your neighborhood? Or just helping out with setting up or taking down one of the events that is already scheduled?


Many of you have already donated to the campaign, and I'm super grateful. I still need quite a bit of funding for mailers and yard signs in the fall. Every little bit helps, so please share with your friends and family that they can donate here.

Closing Message

Ok that's all for now. I'll be continuing to canvass voters in my district up until Election Day. I hope I'll get a chance to speak with you and hear your concerns.

Let's not give up! We can make a better future in South Dakota for ourselves and for our children.

If you would like to help you can:

Donate Here


Contact me:

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