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10/7/22 How's Your Friday Going?

Q: Where in Rapid City can a person register to vote and vote in less than five minutes?

A: Just down the street from Armadillos!

I really believe that state government can make our community stronger and our lives better. That's why I'm running for office.

Because you're reading this, you must believe elections matter too.

So, can I ask you a favor?

Will you please grab a neighbor, a friend or a family member today and bring them down to the County Administration to register to vote and vote?

The address is 130 Kansas City street, and it's open from 8-5 today. It is so quick and easy, and you'll start your Native American Day weekend with a feeling that you've done something good for your community. You might just go buy yourself an ice cream cone afterwards to celebrate.

Our leaders won't listen to us unless we vote.

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