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08/01/22 A Few Thoughts On Public Service

Hello friends and supporters

July 30th 2022
As a would-be legislator, I think it’s important that I know South Dakota’s history. I’m thankful for the History of RC Indian Boarding School/Sioux San & West Rapid City Lands, the Remember the Children documentary, and to these elders who told their story tonight at the Journey Museum.

I went to the screening of the film "Remember the Children" on Saturday night. This film, and a planned national public memorial to boarding school students, is the result of years of research into Rapid City history done by a group of volunteers. It was heartbreaking and humbling to listen to a panel of elders tell of their experiences with

Indian boarding schools in South Dakota (and Kansas, and Pennslyvania ...).

The evening obviously got me thinking about trauma and the impact of this not-so-distant history on current events in Rapid City. But it also got me thinking about public service. So many people have been involved in the literal unearthing of the history of the Rapid City Indian boarding school at Sioux San. They are giving hours and days of their lives so that, ultimately, we will be a stronger, more just community. I really admire that.

Since I first ran for School Board back in 2017, I have been amazed by the people who step up to serve in our town. Some of you teach, some of you feed the hungry, some of you serve by raising kind, conscientious kids. So many people are working hard to make our community a better place.

Running for House is my public service. I'm not doing this for glory, and I certainly am not doing it because I want to live in Pierre for ten weeks every year. But I do care deeply about my kids and my neighbors, and I think we stand a shot in District 32 this year of making a difference in state politics. Thank you for joining me in this campaign.

If you have any campaign dollars you want to throw my way, you can do so here

August 3rd 2022
South Dakotans are ready for change! More than 200 people showed up this evening to support me, the other Democratic candidates, and Jamie Smith for SD Governor. We are here for the people of South Dakota!

Speaking of public servant politicians, you have a chance to meet Jamie Smith this week, and I suggest you take advantage of it! Jamie is the Democratic candidate for Governor. Think for a minute what would motivate a Democrat to run for governor of South Dakota this year. Money? Glory? Goodness no. It would certainly be easier for Jamie to continue serving in the House and working as a real estate agent.

When you meet him you will be certain that he is running to serve his state.

Event Details

When: Wednesday August 3rd, 5:30-7:30

Where: Old Storybook Island, 2911 Canyon Lake Drive

Who: You and your friends!

Thank you all for everything you do for your community. Hopefully I get to see some of you Wednesday night!

P.S. If you're on Facebook, would you mind liking and following my page?

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