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General Endorsements

Christine is a devoted public servant.  Without regard to the politics of the day, she's proven her knack for making sound, steadfast decisions benefiting Rapid City’s youth, our teachers, and our public schools.

            ~ Senator David Johnson

First I want to thank the Area 5 voters for their support 3 years ago when I ran for RCAS Board of Education. I am proud to have represented you all in a very challenging time. While I wanted to run again my career does not afford me the time to do so as I need to move closer to my central office.

When I ran Christine was stepping away from the board as well. While campaigning I was able to meet with her and get her endorsement. Now the situation is reversed and I am very happy to endorse Christine. Christine’s dedication to the students and staff of RCAS is amazing. I have leaned on Christine for guidance during my term and feel that she will make an excellent Board of Education member again!

            ~ Clay Colombe, outgoing school board member representing Area 5

I’m so happy to support Christine’s return to the RCAS board. Christine does the research. She listens to parents and teachers. She ensures that ALL of our students’ academic success is at the forefront of any decision.

            ~ LaFawn Janis, RCAS parent and former student

I was born and raised in Rapid City. I am a longtime resident of Area 5. My children attended school here and now my grandchildren are students in RCAS. I will be voting for Christine Stephenson, Area 5 Representative for Rapid City School Board. She will be a strong, sensible and experienced voice supporting students, parents and teachers in our district. Christine is dedicated to her family as well as community service. I encourage everyone to register to vote and vote for Christine Stephenson in the upcoming June election.

            ~ Deb Tieszen

As a community member, parent with children in Rapid City area schools and healthcare provider who cares deeply about the children of Rapid City and the future our community, I, Dr. Halie Anderson, pediatric allergist/immunologist, wholeheartedly endorse Christine Stephenson for school board. She is qualified, with experience in this role and we desperately need her strong voice of reason back on the school board. She is intelligent and hard-working. She listens carefully to all sides of an issue and thinks critically to apply those perspectives. Not only is she respectful and works well with other, but she is a creative thinker and she is motivated to problem solve. In her professional job as a pediatric physical therapist, she cares for, and collaborates with, children and parents from various social and economic backgrounds, which has only enhanced her compassion and perspective about the challenges that children in schools may face. She supports educators, paraprofessionals and staff. She is passionate, brilliant and she ‘walks the talk.’ The future and well-being of our community is at stake and we need the capable and strong leadership of Christine to keep us moving in a positive direction.

            ~ Dr. Halie Anderson

My background in education, and my years of knowing Christine Stephenson as a passionately involved community member and advocate for quality education for all students, leads me to offer my strong support for her serving once again on the Rapid City School Board. These are the traits I see Christine bringing to her role on the Board: very collaborative; passionate dedication; excellent communication; life-long community member; loving heart for all children; deep respect for teachers and parents in their respective roles; and strong family person.

            ~ Richard Thompson, retired educator and Superintendent of Catholic Schools in Rapid City

Christine Stephenson and I served on the Rapid City Area School Board together during her previous term, we both approached leading the district with the same priorities and focus. She is a strong voice for all students and staff, thinks critically about the issues facing public education in our community and understands the importance of effective Board Governance including the need to focus on student learning outcomes as a priority. She has the experience Rapid City Area School District needs right now to be an effective leader and a committed board member from day one.  Please vote Christine Stephenson for RCAS Board Representative in Area 5.

            ~ Amy Policky, former member of the RCAS BOE, Area 6

I am supporting Christine Stephenson for School Board.  I have known Christine for over 20 years and I have always admired her dedication to her community.  She works hard and listens to all sides of an issue.  She proved her willingness to understand the issues and to do the homework needed to make decisions the last time she served on the school board.


Christine is truly passionate about our Rapid City Schools and the success of the staff and students. As the parent of one RCAS student and an up-and-coming RCAS kindergartener, Christine can relate to the issues that parents face today.  Parenting, children and education have changed in the last decade, and we need someone who can relate to the modern environment.   I hope you will join me in supporting Christine on election day.

            ~ Nina Braun, CEO, Ketel Thorstenson

Teacher Endorsements

Christine Stephenson sincerely supports public schools. Christine used credible and valid information to make decisions for Rapid City Area Schools during her time as a school board member. She will lead the school district in a positive direction by focusing on relevant issues the district is facing. As a teacher I am happy to vote Christine Stephenson for school board.

            ~ Tracy Pfeiffer, Rapid City Educator

Christine was a well-informed board member who kept the students first when making decision that faced the district. When she returns to the board she will be someone who works hard to retain and recruit quality staff by addressing the diverse needs of the district.

            ~ Adam Waider, Rapid City Resident 

We are proud to support Christine Stephensen as a representative for School Board from District 5. Christine is a rational, caring, truly committed community member who epitomizes what it means to be a public servant.  As retired teachers, who have spent our careers helping to educate each and every student that walked through our doors, we urge you to vote for Christine Stephensen who will work tirelessly for the children of Rapid City.

            ~ Mary Kellogg and Pam Beshara, retired RCAS teachers, Wilson Elementary

As a teacher in the RCAS District for over 30 years, most of them in Special Education, I know the importance of strong leadership on the RCAS board. This leadership, not only sets the precedence for excellence in and outside of the classroom, but also makes a tremendous impact on the culture of the entire district. Christine Stephenson has shown her commitment to staff, students, and families. In addition, she continued coming to the table within the community after she left the school board. And once again, she has committed to ask those tough questions to make sure those voices are not only heard, but represented!

            ~ Deb Daly, Rapid City Educator

Christine Stephenson is passionate about children and education. She served RCAS well during her previous tenure on the school board. She keeps abreast of what is happening in our district.  Christine communicates effectively and respectfully.  She diligently researches issues to understand multiple viewpoints. Christine is a dedicated problem solver who is already well-versed in the major challenges currently facing RCAS. She is solution focused and ready to do what is best for our children, our educators, and our parents.  The RCAS Community needs Christine Stephenson on our school board!

            ~ Lynn Arnold, Rapid City Educator and Parent

Christine possesses an exceptional ability to listen attentively to the concerns and ideas of teachers as professionals. She has a track record of actively seeking input from staff, parents, administrators, and community members, recognizing that the strength of our educational system lies in collaboration and inclusivity.  She possesses a keen understanding of the complex issues facing our school system, and consistently strives to find innovative solutions that address the unique needs of our students and teachers.

            ~ Carrie Huber, Rapid City Educator

The RCAS BOE needs board members who are knowledgeable and will focus on real issues affecting students across our city. Christine Stephenson brings unmatched experience and insight to the position which will lead to positive, thoughtful work for students in Rapid City.

            ~ Sarah Gross, Rapid City Educator

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